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  Policies of Swim Masters in Singapore

Private Lessons-

Tardiness or Time Loss-  Time loss due to a student’s tardiness will not be compensated or replaced.  If time loss is due to the closure of the swimming pool (bad weather, SEA Games, private event, etc.) please discuss with your instructor to arrange a make up time, (change location or reschedule lesson).

Cancellation-  The student needs to inform the instructor if a cancellation is required (at least 2 hours before scheduled lesson time), and arrange directly with the instructor to reschedule the lesson.

Lesson Completion-  The student is required to arrange for all 4 lessons to be completed within 5 weeks time (including any necessary rescheduling of lessons). Failure to do so may result in the remaining lessons to be forfeited.*

*Instructors may ask for a lesson to be canceled for any official public holiday in Singapore.


Refunds for Make-up Lessons-

No refunds or make-up swim classes will be given if a student fails to attend a lesson without a valid reason.  However, a make-up class will be arranged if cancellation is due to bad weather, instructor is unavailable, or the student falls ill, with MC medical certificate exclusive of TCM MC.


Any student with medical conditions must be certified as fit to participate, by a certified medical doctor prior to participation of swimming lessons. The instructor or swim establishment shall bear no responsibility for any claims with regards to any injuries sustained during lessons.


Weather Conditions/Haze/Viruses Outbreak- 

For safety reasons, the swim instructor will follow pool administration recommendations on whether swimming lessons should be held.  All lightning risk is in accordance to the NEA website. Lesson cancellations inclusive of weather conditions, haze or virus outbreaks within the 6 week timeframe, where any outstanding lessons will be forfeited.

Policies of Swim Masters in Singapore

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