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Swim Master

Swimming Pool Safety for Neighborhood Pools

Whether you own a swimming pool or not, your child will likely utilize a neighborhood swimming pool for swimming classes. Keep in mind that neighborhood swimming pools have the prospective to be hazardous just as privately owned swimming pools do.


It is important to go over swimming pool rules and security with your children prior to visiting a swimming pool. Stress that running around a pool is never allowed. When you arrive at the pool area, never leave a child unattended. If your child is attending swim lessons, you are still required to check them in, even in a neighborhood pool.


Many community pools provide two or three skilled lifeguards on duty. This does not change the fact that supervision is the responsibility of the parent(s). Community pools are very popular during the summer and can have anywhere from 20 to 50 kids enjoying the pool. Lifeguards are educated to handle these numbers and also respond when danger strikes, however, do not rely on a lifeguard to be the sole lifesaver of your child in a community pool.


It is recommended that you keep your child in the shallow end of a swimming pool if they are not a solid swimmer. When arriving at the swimming pool, show your child where the deep end of the pool begins and reiterate to stay in the shallow waters.


Roughhousing in the pool might look fun to your child, but it can be extremely unsafe. If a pool is overcrowded, it may be wise to be in the water with your child even if they can swim well. You should always be next to your child in the water with small children that do not know how to swim. Community swimming pools normally have safety floatation devices available in the event of an emergency.


Community swimming pools not only provide accessibility to cool down during the summer heat, but many also provide swimming lessons as well. Many close their pools to the public during swim lesson sessions. Consider signing your child up for group swimming classes. They are budget-friendly when compared to private classes.

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