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Introduction to Frontcrawl

Disclaimer: Coach's personal school of thoughts and could differ from every other swim schools 

Reintroduction of Front Crawl/Freestyle Strokes in Zoom Swimming Classes


Content of this Zoom Lessons  Featuring the Current Situation of covid 19 resulting in closure of all swimming pools, closures of malls and sports halls.


Showing and Demonstration of Front crawl, going through single arm's hand pull, focus on the topic of front crawl, showing hands raised up high in tiptoe position, and bringing the hands back straight after thumbs touching the thigh, palm facing up the ceiling. Recovering arms with fingers passing through arm pits and then straighten the hands up in front of eye level. Almost circular motion, and alternating on to the other hands. While emphasizing on bubble hands(one side) and breathing hands(on the other side)

Clapping of 6 beats to mimic or pretending of 6 kicking before any alternate hand pull, this will ensure that before every hand pull there are intervals and on actual swim itself will help to keep the body float with head tuck down to help with the body floating above.

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