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Swimming Courses(Senja Cashew CC) starts now 


Price: $100

Deposit of 4 Lessons : $100

This message applies to both parents and students. Upon completion of the first month of confirmed lessons, a 50% deposit will be collected. Similarly, during the second month, another 50% of the deposit will be collected. The total deposit amount will be equivalent to four lessons per month. This deposit can be utilized for future lessons and will only be collected once. If you choose to discontinue the lessons, the deposit can be utilized as a one-month notice period. We appreciate your attention.

Equipments: $10 (Swim Cap)

$15 (Kick Board)

$15 (Back Float)

$15 (Googles)

Bukit Panjang Senja Cashew Swim Lessons

Senja-Cashew  Swimming Courses

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