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How To Choose The Best Swimming Lessons For Your Kids

Children love to swim, but some are afraid to try it. That is why you should enroll your children in swimming lessons for kids immediately! Swimming is a fantastic sport and pastime for any child. It helps build confidence and endurance and develop a life skill that can benefit themselves and their communities as they grow.

When To Take Your Child For Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for kids are some of the best things you can do. Taking swimming lessons in Singapore can help prepare your children in several ways.

Boost Metabolism And Strengthens Cardiovascular Muscles

Swimming is a form of cardio exercise. It increases the strength of your heart, lungs, and core. Swimming lessons inadvertently help boost a child's metabolism, ensuring they break down and store necessary nutrients without excess fat growth.

Swimming lessons for kids can help strengthen their bodies and give them the necessary skills to become better adults. Swimming lessons are practical because children do not feel the weight of the water and their body instinctively moves as they tread in it. This provides more significant cardio development than if they ran the same distance.

Encourage Social Connection

Most swimming lessons for kids are communal, with multiple instructors doing one-on-one training or teaching several children at once. The presence of other children encourages your child to be social and interact with them–even if it is a simple "excuse me" or "my name is" comment. Children become more accustomed to group activities when exposed this way, especially at a younger age when they are first introduced to other children with similar interests.

Provide Life-Saving Skills

Being able to swim is more than a sport or a fun hobby. Swimming lessons for kids teach children about the responsibilities of swimming and how to protect themselves and others from drowning, dehydration, and exhaustion. Taking swimming lessons in Singapore allows children to prepare for a pool, ocean, or another water-related emergency.

When To Take Your Child For Swimming Lessons

Some prefer to wait until their child is walking, while others start them as toddlers, getting them used to the feeling of the water and not afraid of water splashing in their faces. This helps children not be scared of the water as they get older. When looking for swimming lessons for kids, you should consider the following:


Their Age

Some schools provide swimming lessons to some age groups. Taking a toddler to a young (5-7-year-olds) swimming lesson is not beneficial to the child's development. Plus, children will feel out of place with significant age gaps, depriving them of the necessary social encouragement. Ensure your research is correct when deciding on the right school.eir Age

The Seasons

Children don't want to get in the water when winter rolls around. It would be best if you tried to make your swimming lessons happen during spring or summer. These seasons are often the "least busy" for children, as school is finished, and they are looking forward to doing fun, exciting things in the absence of school.


The Cost of Swimming Lessons

The price for swimming lessons for kids varies depending on the time, age, skill level, and location of your swimming school. It is hard to get an exact number, but on average most swimming schools charge based on the number of students they have to teach and for how long. If you are curious about the exact pricing for your child, we encourage you to click here and request a free quote. On average, lessons cost between $70-$100 a month.


A good rule of thumb is that the more students present, the cheaper the swimming lesson will be. Private or "one-on-one" lessons are more expensive since they contract a higher level of focus and discipline from the instructor to educate the student effectively.


Deciding On The Right School For Your Child

Alongside cost, you should research what you are receiving for the price of the swimming lesson. Certain areas and companies charge different fees depending on the number of clients, instructor skills, and facilities available in the building.

The price may need to come second when trying to find the right school for your child. You want to encourage your child to enjoy themselves while learning something invaluable to their life. Special needs students may also require specific accommodations–which may not be available at every swimming school and could incur a higher fee.


We encourage you to create a free quote here to ensure you get the best information for your child.


What To Expect From Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons should follow several basic principles regardless of where you enroll your child.

Firstly, you should expect your child to learn how to swim. The whole point of a swimming lesson is to teach your child how to swim safely and correctly. If your swimming lessons are not teaching this, we encourage you to find somewhere else to enroll your child. The reason is that you'll want to ensure they receive the necessary safety knowledge.


Secondly, you should expect swimming lessons to go for their entire duration. You should utilize every minute that an instructor can spend teaching a student. Some schools try to end lessons early, but not at Swim Masters.


Finally, you should expect your child to have fun. If your child is not having fun, they may not like swimming, or the instructor might not be making it fun. Always observe your child as taught to ensure they are learning and enjoying themselves.

Where To Look For Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Swim Masters is an excellent school to enroll your children. Our instructors are experts in educating children and adults on how to swim effectively, correctly, and safely. We understand some children will be afraid of the water, but rest assured that our instructors will ensure your child learns and loves how to swim!


For more information, contact us here.

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