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Kids Swim Lessons Singapore
Swim Master

How To Choose The Best Swimming Lessons For Your Kids

Learning how to swim can be challenging for both adults and children. Swim Master educates adults and children so they can swim in and in the best conditions possible!

Why You Should Learn How to Swim

In Singapore, swimming isn't just an enjoyable pastime and sport. Swimming can help increase your physical health and fitness while keeping you and your community safe through education and practice.

Physical Health

A swim school in Singapore will teach you how to improve your physical fitness through swimming. A swimming pool in Singapore doubles as an effectively free gym, simultaneously working every muscle in your body and promoting a more robust metabolism and cardiovascular health.

This works for both children and adults. Children develop stronger lungs as they swim and hold their breath, leading to respiratory strength in their adult years. Adults, meanwhile, can use the swimming pool to boost their metabolism and work out even with aching or older joints. If you have arthritis, swimming can be an effective way to stay in shape with minor pain.

Personal and Community Safety

When you learn how to swim as a child and an adult, you learn how to protect yourself and your communities from water-related tragedies. Individuals who know how to swim and are comfortable in the water can help save drowning individuals and recognize when other swimmers are exhausted, hurt, or dehydrated.

In short, knowing how to swim makes you an asset to your community.


Types of Lessons Available

Swimming lessons in Singapore come in two different disciplines: for kids and adults. Each is tailored and changed depending on your skill level and needs, with many courses broken up into beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

For Kids

Most children are uncomfortable with the water, and some may not have swum. Swim school in Singapore is about learning and refining the basics of swimming. Most lessons will discuss water safety, proper form, and breathing control. Later lessons will refine this and teach different strokes to work other muscles and tread in both stationary and active bodies of water.

At Swim Masters, we teach our kids how swimming can be fun and varied and ensure they focus on the course's learning objectives. We teach them where to swim, how to swim, and the best conditions to swim.

For Adults

Swimming lessons in Singapore for adults focus on proper swimming form. Since adults are older, the lessons will be split into beginner and intermediate.

Beginner: This is for adults who have never swum or have little experience.

  • Newfound water confidence–get comfortable with the water

  • Basic front and back float

  • Breathing techniques

  • Perfect standard four-stroke (breaststroke, front crawl, etc.)

Intermediate: This is for adults who have the basics of swimming completed and can swim up to 50 meters unassisted.

  • Proficiency in freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke

  • Stroke correction–ensures proper style

  • Introduction to survival strokes

  • Diving abilities

  • Underwater swimming

  • Treading water

For more information, contact Swim Masters and learn how a swim school in Singapore can benefit you.

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