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How far should Seven years old Swim?

Normally kids at seven will be going for the primary school days this is where there is a misconception where in majority of the students will be able to learn swimming fast. Is dependent if they have any Prior swimming lesson before seven or even play time with their family before they are seven years old. Kid that are ready enjoyed your swimming lesson and have no problem or trouble in the water throughout that exposure will be easier to ease into learning swimming.

Previously mention of when is the best age to start swimming lessons? Do refer to this related article

Seven year old children Physical development moving more about refinement and Correction for doing swimming lesson. Kids will also develop better coordinations Fine Motor skills, For examples Swinging of arms while Doing leg kick. The more physically active and can Leverage On this for faster skills development. 
Swim Master Include fun activities and Games Assist them In better with reinforcing the swimming skills and strokes during swimming classes.

There is no actual age when is the Bast age to learn Swimming lessons but in context of Singapore it’s a national Programmes (previously called NASA and currently Swim Safer 2.0 to have their swimming lesson during Primary 1 or primary three where they can have their first exposure of swimming classes. They will be normally doing swimsafer level one or two for their first eight to ten weeks of lessons. That is a clash course for the kids to have exposure and generally gaining water confidences for their swim.


You can refer to the details test component below.

Distant they will cover on the front from are normally 10 meters And on back 5 meters. 
All the syllabus or mainly on water safety and teaching the kids to save themselves.

To know more about each and every strokes, give us a call and we can demonstrate for you in the pool.


Is Swimming Hard to learn?

Swimming can be easier as long as there is a master swimming coach to guide you in your swimming journey. Take your leap to pool with assistances from our resident coaches and allied coaches, we simplify our swimming techniques into simple easy chunks for all learners to improve step by step.


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