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Senja Cashew Kids Swimming Lessons

Kids Swimming Lessons Singapore

Isn't it time that your child learned how to swim? Swim Masters Singapore offers kids swimming lessons in Singapore that teach children the importance of safety when they are around and in the pool. Our goal is to make sure that your children confidently learn to swim by developing solid foundational skills and new techniques to swim in a variety of situations.

Why Enrol Your Kids Into Our Swimming Lessons?

We understand that some of the children that don't know how to swim are going to be afraid of the water at first, thinking that they'll get water in their lungs and drown. But at Swim Masters Singapore, we teach children how important it is to remaining relaxed while swimming. Our swimming instructors will teach them proper breathing skills and swimming techniques to ensure that they are getting the right amount of oxygen when they are swimming no matter the circumstances.

Kids Swimming Lessons Near Me

Swim Masters provides some of the best kids swimming lessons in Singapore. We look forward to teaching your children the fundamentals and importance of swimming. If you are looking for swimming classes for kids in Singapore, please get in contact with Swim Masters Singapore to enrol your child today.


What The Rates Of Our Swimming Classes for Kids?

Swim Masters Swimming classes enrollment are at $100 per month. Register now. Our swimming classes are ongoing weekly allowing to cater into kid's timetable much like any other enrichment programme, your kids will certainly find good friends in every swimming lessons.

Certified Swimming Coaches

Swim Masters Coaches are either NROC Certified under Sports Singapore, STA under Swimming Teachers' Association, Aust Swim, and SSI. Upon completion of certifications, there are also needs for coaches to renew CPR/AED every two years. Those teaching for the public pool will have to have a pool permit annually. Under MOE school swimming lessons also will require coaches to be MOE IRS Certified.


The certifications are a very strict framework to check on Swim Masters Coaches. To regulate coaches to keep them updated on the swimming coaching methodology and upskill. Most importantly teaching methods to follow to ensure kids learn in safe environments. Any emergency incident happens, they also are able to do basic first aid and CPR and AED administer on unconscious or drowning victims.

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How Are Our In House Swimming Lessons Scheduled?

Swim Masters in-house swimming lessons for children are carried out on weekday evening and weekends, lessons curriculum will be singapore wide swim safer awards and promotion level of SSPA after swim safer gold.

Students are group based on their swimming competency for more effective learning. For instance, any new students join our classes, the student will join our beginners group, quarterly assessment will be conducted to assess the stages of students. Conducting lessons most ideal for each particular student. Our lessons are performed at Clementi, Bukit Batok, Senja Cashew CC and Queenstown.  

Keeping instruction simple, clear and concise

We keep command and instruction as simple as possible to kids making the learning easier, empathizing any fear that students may have, and being patient to students that might encounter any difficulties learning swimming, motivating them to overcome any obstacles and waves that hit them. With fun activities that make lessons interesting and having variation training method to keep them focus on learning objective.

Proven Curriculum

Our curriculum is the result of extensive research and collaboration with experts, parents, and children. We offer structured lessons that focus on developing fundamental swimming techniques, water safety, and competitive skills.

Class Structure

We offer a variety of classes to suit different needs:

Group Classes

Maximum of 10 students, 45 minutes per session.

Private Lessons

Maximum of 10 students, 45 minutes per session.

Special Programs

Including survival swimming and lifesaving training.

Locations and Accessibility

Our swim schools are conveniently located across Singapore, including:

  1. Senja Cashew CC (conveniently opposite BukitPanjang Plaza) 

  2. Delta Swim Complex

Safety and Hygiene

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students:

Certified Instructors

Trained in first aid and water safety.

Hygiene Practices

Regular pool maintenance and clean facilities.


Our success is reflected in the positive feedback from parents and students:

Call to Action

Ready to start your child's swimming journey? Contact us today to register for a trial class or learn more about our programs.

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