Why Enrol Into Our Adult Swimming Lessons?

Swim Masters conducts swimming lessons for adults in Singapore. Numerous adults that are non-swimmers or weak swimmers are likely to deal with challenges like water phobia or practise inefficient swim strokes that drain their power, preventing them from swimming longer distance. Thus making swimming easy to learn and swim, our instructions are kept clear, concise and easily understandable to better swimming skills. 

Our swimming lessons for adults in Singapore are personalized to the student's needs to help them overcome concern, build confidence, and establish their swimming abilities.

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Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore


Our beginner swimming classes appropriate for non-swimmers. The swimming classes will focus on basic water abilities as well as stroke advancement.

Pupils will find out:.

  • New found Water confidence.

  • Basic front Float and back float. Submerge head inside and breathing and bubbling techniques.

  • To swim a standard 4 stroke (eg. Breaststroke or Front Crawl).

Approximate Course duration: 1Term(10lessons)



The intermediate swimming classes for adults are suitable for those with fundamental swimming abilities as well as are able to swim a range of 50 metres unassisted.

During the intermediate swimming courses for adult, proficiency in a variety of swimming strokes in addition to diving skills will be created.

Pupils will certainly develop:.

* Proficiency in swimming strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke & Backstroke.

* Stroke Correction

* Introduction to Survival Strokes.

* Diving abilities, underwater swimming and also threading water.

Approximate Training course duration: 1Term(10lessons)



Register for your preferred venues, days and time for swimming classes in singapore and will match your coach with available slots.

Join our classes for  we have experienced and passionate swimming instructors at a public swimming complex near you today! Or if you'd like classes at your own condominium or private pool, that can be easily arranged too!

Check out snapshots of our swimming classes in session!
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