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Adult Swim Lessons Near Singapore

Why Enrol Into Our Adult Swimming Lessons?

Swim Masters conducts swimming lessons for adults in Singapore. Numerous adults that are non-swimmers or weak swimmers are likely to deal with challenges like water phobia or practise inefficient swim strokes that drain their power, preventing them from swimming longer distances. To combat these challenges, our swimming coaches’ directions are always clear, concise & simple to understand thus, making swimming fun & easy to learn.

Our swimming lessons for adults in Singapore are personalized to each student's needs to help them overcome concern, build confidence, and establish their swimming abilities.


Eager to SIGN UP for our swimming lessons? Enrol yourself today!

Our Swimming Classes Schedules

We offer classes for all skill levels Beginner Classes, Intermediate Classes and Advance Classes.

Locations and Schedules

Adult Swim Lessons Schedule

Join our adult swim lessons for a fun and engaging experience. Our sessions are conveniently scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to fit your busy lifestyle. Whether you're looking to improve your technique or start from scratch, our certified instructors are here to help you achieve your swimming goals. Sign up today and make a splash at your local swimming complex!


Adult Swimming Lessons in Singapore


Our beginner swimming classes appropriate for non-swimmers. The swimming classes will focus on basic water abilities as well as stroke advancement.

Pupils will learn:

  • New found Water confidence.

  • Basic front Float and back float. Submerge head inside as well as breathing and bubbling techniques.

  • To swim a standard 4 stroke (eg. Breaststroke or Front Crawl).


Approximate Course duration: 1Term(8lessons)



The intermediate swimming classes for adults are suitable for those with fundamental swimming abilities as well as are able to swim a range of 50 metres unassisted.

During the intermediate swimming courses for adult, proficiency in a variety of swimming strokes in addition to diving skills will be created.


Pupils will certainly develop:.

* Proficiency in swimming strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke & Backstroke.

* Stroke Correction

* Introduction to Survival Strokes.

* Diving abilities, underwater swimming and also threading water.


Approximate Training course duration: 1Term(8lessons)


Why Should Adults Learn How to Swim?

Swimming is a crucial life skill that offers numerous health benefits and ensures safety in water environments.

Register here for your preferred venue, day and time of swimming class and we'll match your swimming coach with the available slots.

Join our classes for  we have experienced and passionate swimming instructors at a public swimming complex near you today! Or if you'd like classes at your own condominium or private pool, that can be easily arranged too!

Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult swimming lessons provide physical, mental, and social benefits.

Safety and Survival Techniques

  1. Understanding water hazards

  2. Performing water rescues self preservation

  3. Applying first aid in emergencies

Physical Well-being and Endurance

  1. Cardiovascular benefits

  2. Muscle-strengthening capabilities

  3. Improved flexibility and endurance

Mental Health and Relaxation

  1. Stress reduction

  2. Enhanced Mood
  3. Mental clarity


Social Connections and Community

Adult swimming lessons provide physical, mental, and social benefits.

Swimming Styles You Can Learn As An Adult

Our lessons cover a range of swimming styles:


Learn the most popular and efficient stroke.


A slower, more relaxing stroke ideal for long distances.


Perfect for improving posture and back strength


A powerful stroke that builds upper body strength.

Tips for Freestyle and Breast stroke

General Practice Advice

Always practice whenever possible for both strokes. Remember to:

  • Bring your knees towards your tummy to recover and stand easily, making breathing simpler.

Front Crawl Key Notes

  • Head Position: Your ear should lie down on your biceps.

  • Chin Position: Keep your chin tilted up.

  • Breathing Technique: Kick on your side for 3 seconds while breathing, then switch to non-breathing for 1 second.

Breaststroke Key Notes

  • Knees: Your knees should touch the wall during the turn.

  • Feet: Hook up your feet when you kick out.

  • Legs: Squeeze your legs together when you close the kick.


Front Crawl Tips

Practice and Recovery

  • Do practice whenever possible: Consistency is key in mastering the front crawl.

  • Recovery Position: Bring your knees towards your tummy and try to recover and stand for easy recovery and easier breathing.

Key Notes for Front Crawl

  • Head Position: Your ear should lie down on your biceps.

  • Chin Position: Keep your chin tilted up.

  • Breathing Technique: Kick on your side for 3 seconds while breathing, then switch to non-breathing for 1 second.

Front Crawl and Breaststroke: Keep It Simple (KIS Principle)

Front Crawl

  • Balancing: Swimming is similar to cycling, requiring a lot of balancing. Find the center of gravity of your body.

  • Side-to-Side Motion: Front crawl is more of a side-to-side stroke as most of the time, a swimmer is on their sides.


  • Hand and Leg Coordination: Remember that the hands and legs must be opposite in motions.

    • Hand and Leg Movements: When your hands are still, the legs kick. When your legs are straight for 3 seconds, then the hand pull.

Magic Number 3

  • Breaststroke and Front Crawl: The number 3 is important. Remember it in your stroke timings and coordination.

Kickboard Practice

  • Straight Arms: Using a kickboard in every practice helps maintain straight arms and elbows, essential for both strokes.

General Advice

  • Post-Lesson Practice: Always practice after lessons to achieve maximum results.

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Adult Swim Lessons

Boost your physical fitness, mental well-being, and social connections with our comprehensive adult swim lessons. Master essential safety and survival techniques, while enjoying the cardiovascular and muscle-strengthening benefits of swimming. Take the plunge and experience the transformative power of this versatile workout.

Check out snapshots of our swimming classes in session!

Testimonials Swim Lessons

Testimonials Swim Lessons

Testimonials to Adult Swim Lessons


Attended the adult swimming class with Coach Alvin - in 8 lessons, I learnt how to do the breaststroke, free style, survival back and backstroke. Also learnt to tread water. I used to be very afraid of water having almost drowned in the past, but I am glad to be able to say that I now enjoy swimming! The classes are conducted in a small group of around 5 (more or less depending on the day), and coach Alvin is very encouraging. Your learning is customised to your pace and comfort level, I didn't feel pressured to do more than what I was comfortable with, and coach Alvin watches out for our safety at all times. What you learn depends on how much effort you put in, highly encourage other learners to practice 1-2 times each week to make the most of the classes. If you are an adult learner, highly recommend that you take the plunge to pick up swimming! It's an essential life skill and a fun way to

Xin Ting, Ng

I was taught by Mr Alvin Ho at clementi swimming complex in a grp class setting.

He is very patient with every student and accurate in pointing out ways to improve my techniques. Despite it being a group class, he was able to spend enough time with each student (who is at different learning stages and pace) and set achievable goals with me each lesson, allowing me to improve after

each session.

Germin, Lim

I started as an absolute beginner and now able to swim freestyle and breaststroke. Alvin has been accommodative to my schedule and patient in helping me build the confidence in water. Alvin also teaches survival technique which is paramount to swim safely! The fee is also reasonable, so i'd recommend to other beginners who'd like to start swimming!

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