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teach swimming yourself
Swim Master

Can you teach yourself to swim? 

Learning swimming yourself can be challenging. But is possible to learn to swim by yourself. Naturally when we get started learn swimming if you want to have the best start, Might be also scared, May also think of not enough time. For this question Can affect The learning process of learning anything. Learning swimming can only be done when you get your feet wet.

Ensuring the safety is very important basic is to have a partner, as someone to check on you before you start at the shallow pool where are generally it can be easier to overcome fear of water. Decide that you can always bring a bring a kickboard Or even woggle to provide assurance where learner can hold on.

Always swim near the wall during the beginning period. Practise bubbling inside the water, Getting used to water going into your eyes and ears will be helpful. Start to have a better few of water each and every day. Giving own self Achievable targets can be helpful Towards learning swimming. Promoting breathing and Relaxation can help to keep the body afloat.
Finally it’s not about getting right from the start starting slow and you can learn from it . Eventually you will get to learn how to swim.

Conquering your fear for a lot of people to put Learning swimming on Hold Because the worry of Drowning or sinking. 
Solution to it is partner when swimming

  1. Swimming in the pool with Lifeguard

  2. Swimming A shallow pool

  3. Swimming in teaching pool

Avoid swimming during rain but the weather is too cool

Learning how to float in the water by holding the side of the pool deck or even holding a kickboard. Try taking a deep breath keeping hips up and chin to your neck To assist with Floating. Frequent practice will help to improve the buoyancy of the learner.

How can i learn swimming?​

  1. Get wet and soak, and simply get started.

  2. Overcome your fears and get confident with more swim

  3. Breaking swim into parts BODY, LEG , ARM , BREATHING and TIMING.

  4. All the parts of swim, done with support (which is holding on the kick board) and without support of float.

  5. Consistency of practising proper strokes in repetitions.

How do you breathe when swimming?​

Different Swimming strokes has different breathing methods. In correlation of front crawls or freestyles is rotation of body , back and leg. Breathing on alternate sides, one hand being the breathing hand and the other being the bubbling hands.

We can always hold on the kick board, ear lying down on the bicep and keeping the chin up when lying down on hands. Counting in your head of 3 counts with the trailing hand holding on to your thigh . And closing the hand after 3 count. 

Using body as a kind of land mark for your hand pull will also assist in easier swim.

  1. Touching the thigh

  2. and the Arm Pit

  3. grazing the eye brows

The non breathing hands will always pull with 1 count on the head. Keeping it simple with legs repeatingly kicking while doing the hand pull.

For Breast Stroke is two hands slightly pressing down to your own chest, Chin tilting up slightly enough for you to breathe up. Mouth position being just enough for you to take a gasp of air whenever the head is up. Always reminding yourself the the leg and hand motions must always be opposite. 

To know more about each and every strokes, give us a call and we can demonstrate for you in the pool.


Is Swimming Hard to learn?

Swimming can be easier as long as there is a master swimming coach to guide you in your swimming journey. Take your leap to pool with assistances from our resident coaches and allied coaches, we simplify our swimming techniques into simple easy chunks for all learners to improve step by step.


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