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Swim Master

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Swimming Lessons in Singapore

It’s not possible to jump into the pool and start swimming like a pro right away. Before you begin, you’ll want to research to ensure you’re swimming safely and using strong swimming techniques. The proper techniques will help your body move more easily in the water than mere dog-paddling, which will give you the confidence to stick with your training routine.


With proper technique and instruction, it’s a breeze to learn the skills necessary to swim safely. Doing so will help you avoid the frustration that comes with feeling like you struggle to move or even stay afloat, and proper techniques even help you avoid injury. Learning to swim may seem like an insurmountable challenge for most children and adults, but there are excellent options for swimming lessons in Singapore to get water safety skills started off on the right foot.


A structured learning environment like a swim school can set you up with a qualified instructor who gives direct feedback and encouragement on your swimming progression. Each swimmer has their own ability level, and learning to swim requires you to build on the right skills and techniques to foster confidence in the water. How do you choose the best pool classes, then? What tips should you keep in mind when looking at swim schools? With these expert tips, we’re here to help you choose the best swimming lessons in Singapore.

Qualified Instructors

Instructors foster a sense of safety through their certifications and experience. They should be CPR/AED certified and possess credentials and certifications recognized by safety organizations, meaning it’s safer for you and your children to train to swim in the water under the instructor’s supervision–in other words, it’s not necessarily a good idea to ask a random swimmer at the pool for training.


Instructors who hold certain qualifications may even be able to give you advanced training as well. The more instructors understand what makes children feel safe in the water, the more they can teach them how to avoid danger while having fun.


The highest-rated swimming lessons in Singapore use the SwimSafer Programme. This national water security programme introduced by the National Water Security Council covers six modern stages, each covering water safety skills and swimming. The SwimSafer programme covers more than just swim strokes; the higher levels dive into water survival and rescue procedures. When looking at water safety, regular pool classes only cover how to do swim strokes. 

Location and Schedule

Choosing a nearby, easily-accessible swim school makes it easy to plan your day. Ask about parking options, hours, and days and times available before committing to a swim school. Usually, the best discounts come from swimming lessons that are bought in a bundle, so to save money, be sure you can attend multiple sessions. You’ll also learn more that way.


Pool classes are also a great way to socialize with others and meet friends, especially when it comes to children’s swimming lessons in Singapore. The closer the pool location is, the easier it will be to arrange meet-ups and playdates with the new friends your child will meet at swim school.

Programme Reputation And Success

Everyone will learn to swim at a different pace, so your programme shouldn’t rush you through the steps. Building up your confidence around water takes time for most people, and even a standard four-stroke requires specific techniques that require coaching to master. Your swim instructor should not expect you to master everything within one lesson or weekend of instruction and should always treat students with patience and respect.


Direct feedback is the optimal way to improve, and swim schools provide that with high-quality instruction. The school’s reviews and former students should be able to vouch for a programme’s reliability and staff.

Student-Teacher Ratio

When vetting a program, make sure to check the student-teacher ratio and the size of the pool. You want your child to be safe and for the instructors to be able to keep track of every student. Instructors also need space for equipment such as kickboards, floats, and water exercises. You don’t want you or your child to feel crowded while you’re in pool classes.

Along with this, keep in mind that you should be thinking of your arm as a giant paddle. Keep your elbow high as your hand enters the water and drive the forearm through. You should push this ‘paddle’ all the way back until you reach your hips.

Swim Level Progression

Choose a programme like SwimSafer that doesn’t rush a student through the steps of swimming. For example, swimming lessons in Singapore that follow SwimSafer scaffold the progress from basic techniques to advanced, but don’t rush a new swimmer to hit milestones. Each swim school should have a range of class options for different skill levels and never push a swimmer far beyond their comfort zone.

What Else Should I Consider?

With all of these tips in mind, there are some extra benefits you can keep an eye out for when browsing swimming lessons in Singapore. Consider the availability of pool facilities and resources you can purchase or rent, such as equipment and space, especially if you want to work your way up to competitive swimming. The swim school’s approach to teaching should align with your learning style; the instructor needs to be experienced and make you feel at ease.


Swimming confidently is a skill you will build up over time, and swim instruction should be clear and concise to build your skills in the water. Since Singapore is surrounded by so many bodies of water, learning water safety skills is just as vital as learning how to swim. Someday, you may need to use your skills to save someone’s life.

Get Your Paddleboard Ready

If you want to get started at a SwimSafer programme swim school, look at Swim Masters Singapore.. Swim classes for adults and children can programme tiers that build up your swimming proficiency and water safety skills. Swim Masters checks the box on all the things you need to look for in a great school. If Swim Masters is too far for you to drive, look for similar programmes that scale to your level.


Take these expert tips and find a great swim school that works for you. Swim instruction should be fun, fulfilling, and hopefully you’ll make many new friends along the way. Remember, the best swimming lessons occur with qualified instructors in a decently-sized pool and match your swim-level progression. You should never have to worry about rushing through a lesson. Whether you’re an adult learning to swim for the first time or a parent looking to enroll their child, a good swim school will cater to your needs

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