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Kids Swim Lessons Singapore
Swim Master

Swimming Lessons For Every Age: Understanding The Best Time To Start

Swimming is great summer fun, but if you and your family want to stay safe this year, you may want to brush up on your swim safety knowledge with some swimming lessons. Teaching kids how to swim is vital, and it can even be fun when your children are given the opportunity to learn water survival skills in a group environment. This can help them build confidence while having fun at the same time. Not only that, but child swimming lessons are a powerful way to spend time together in the pool.

Thinking of trying swim school? There are a variety of lesson programs available depending on your child’s needs and age. Learn about what type of swimming lesson best suits their age with our guide.

Infants and Toddlers

Is your child too young to learn to swim? Possibly. Swim lessons usually aren’t recommended for infants and toddlers because they haven’t yet developed the breathing skills they need for swimming. Instead, classes that engage parent-child interaction are there for the bond and the chance to get babies acclimated to the water. That said, before the age of four months, your child must not be exposed to the water in a public pool. Their immune systems are not yet developed enough to be exposed to a public swimming area at that age.


Not all kids are ready to begin infant swimming lessons at the same age, so consider where your child is regarding emotional maturity, physical and developmental abilities, and comfort level in the water. Parents can learn to assess their baby's interest and readiness by observing if he is showing signs such as kicking his legs or reaching out toward things above him. If your child is splashing in the bathtub and seems genuinely interested in water, discuss infant swimming lessons with your pediatrician

For toddler swimming lessons, skills have developed that start building swimming readiness. Swim lessons for both parents and toddlers are the first step toward water safety. This helps you prepare your child for child swimming lessons once they hit the age of four and up. Water playtime is a great way to encourage learning through a fun, interactive experience.


When browsing pools that offer swim classes for kids, keep in mind that instructors should be certified and also have CPR/AED certification. Certifications keep swim coaches up to date on all the skills and methods to keep kids safe in a pool environment.


By practicing skills early, your child is more likely to stay calm and not panic if a water-based emergency happens. Practicing with a child to help them learn what to do, where to go, and who to look for (yelling for a parent or family member) builds the skills they’ll need to stay safe. Also, wearing a life jacket and a life saving device is vital, and constant parental supervision when around bodies of water.


Toddler Swim Classes

Swimming For Older Children

Child swimming lessons teach water survival competency skills and swimming techniques that build a foundation of safety. This includes the ability to return to the surface of the water after being submerged, swim a distance of at least twenty-five yards, and safely exit the water. Aside from these basic concepts, child swimming lessons allow kids to socialize with other children in an exciting new atmosphere filled with positive encouragement.


Most pools offering child swimming lessons have instructor qualifications that require training on proper lifeguard protocol, safety awareness, rescue equipment, and emergency procedures. Some children may be fearful of the water, especially if they haven’t had time to engage and build water readiness skills. The instructors should give calm and clear explanations that build your child up to a comfort level where they feel confident in the water.


Singapore is an island country surrounded by water, making water survival skills one of the main factors in child safety. Swimming lessons are fun and build the skills to be confident in the water. No swim class can guarantee lifelong protection from drowning; however, swim classes are one tool used to help prevent accidents in a pool or public area.

What Should You Look For When Choosing Swim Lessons?

Making the first experience with water a positive one can have a lasting impact on a child enjoying swimming. Swim classes for kids need to take place in a swimming pool with warm water. That means for outdoor pools, you need to choose a time of day that is warm, and the water is pleasant to the touch.


Ready to search for a swim instructor and swim school in Singapore? Checking for certification is also a factor because it shows the program has met safety requirements, so they will keep your little ones safe while they learn how to move around and safely enjoy their environment. Other considerations include looking at facility hours, location, types of lessons offered, cost, and the number of lessons your child may need.


If your kid previously had a negative experience in the water, private child swimming lessons may be what you need. Private lessons cater to the different needs of students instead of addressing the group as a whole. Your child may need more time to adjust if they’ve previously fallen into the water or had a scary experience.


Whether choosing private lessons or group swim classes for kids, remember that it may take time to feel comfortable and confident in the water. The SwimSafer program was introduced by the National Water Security Council and offers six stages, each with twelve hours of lesson time. At the end of each stage, each child receives a stage conclusion certificate. The most valuable trait of the SwimSafer program is that it does not designate a time period in which a child has to finish the six phases, so it can be easily adapted to each child’s needs.

Swimming Safely

Swimming leads to life-long benefits and fun if approached safely. In Singapore, where water is all around us, water safety is crucial. Children need to understand how the water works and how to swim. While we as parents can’t eliminate the risk of drowning entirely, we can work hard to teach them fundamental skills that reduce the risk and help them be comfortable in the water.

If your child is ready for swim lessons, look at Swim Masters Singapore. The SwimSafer program will help your children develop skills that help them be safe swimmers in any water environment. Set them up for success today.

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