Private Swimming Lessons Singapore

Looking for Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore or Public pool? Private lessons are highly effective, catering to different proficiencies amongst students, thus speeding up the progression. Ratio of students are lowered in comparison to group lessons. You’ll be able to learn at own pace without the pressure of multiple peers and students. You would be able to find that you take lesser time to learn in private lessons in comparison to group lessons. You will have longer time to ask questions and concerns and coaches or swimming instructors will be able to answers to queries.

Our swimming instructors will be attentive to any phobias expressed by our students; lessons will be paced according to learning speed.


Why Enrol Into Our Private Swimming Lessons?

All Swimming Instructors or coaches are certified under Sport Singapore , SSTA or AustSwim. Having Swim Masters to filter and checked of the group of swimming coaches' certifications. We seek your feedback whenever lessons are finished to know of the updates of lessons progressions and would want to assist the students to have outstanding swimming lessons

We provide Structured Curriculum, Up- to-Date Techniques and improving Technical Swimming Strokes. We address floatation, survival and propulsion skills, with breathe control. Learning from Front Crawl, Breast Stroke, Survival Backstroke and Back strokes. from the very basics to the very advance. From Swim Safer 2.0 to LifeSaving and to SSPA.

Where Do We Conduct Our Private Swimming Lessons?

Lessons at your premises can be arranged easily with customers' preferred timings and make up lessons due to any sick leaves or weather cancellations or even commitments postponement can be done comparatively easier than group. Subjected to policies of individual coaches.

Classes at your own condominium or private pool, that can be easily arranged too!

Check out snapshots of our swimming classes in session!
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