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Communicating Pool Safety To Kids

Swimming Lessons in Singapore

It is very important that you review swimming pool safety with your children, teaching them borders and what to do in the event of an emergency near or in a swimming pool.  It is always best to have a fence mounted around your swimming pool. Teach children they should not play around the fence area of the pool. Establish an imaginary boundary and also ask your youngster not to cross it. 

There are a variety of pros and cons of what to show your child what to do in the event of a pool emergency or accidental fall in.  Teaching children what to do, where to go (ladder, side of pool, steps), and who to seek (yell for parent or family member, friend, etc.) is very important.  It is always best for the child not to panic and remember what was taught.

Do not show a child how to open or unlatch the swimming pool fence entrance.  This is something that you will certainly wish to keep to yourself. It is advisable when entering the pool area with a child at your side that you try to block their view.  Swimming pool fencing becomes inadequate when a child understands how to get around it.

There are a variety of manners which you can teach a toddler or preschooler about pool safety.   it is necessary to bear in mind that the duty of keeping a child secure is your responsibility. Never leave a child unsupervised around a swimming pool, even if you are not swimming at the time.  Install a swimming pool alarm and security covers and fencing. Even if legislation does not call for one, it is an excellent swimming pool safety and security device to use.

Swimming pool safety is of utmost importance to share with children, or anyone that is near a swimming pool, as it can be a life saver.  In addition, a child is never too young to learn about swimming pool safety and risks. Going over the swimming pool rules often will help a child remember them and hopefully share with others.  

Are you the parent, grandparent or guardian of a child?

Exactly how does one speak to toddlers or preschoolers about pool safety and security?

If you are parents, grandparents, friends, or neighbors of youngsters it is your duty to talk to them about pool rules and safety concerns.  Children retain a lot of information even at a young age. Offer pointers and tips to the child. You may even want to demonstrate what to do in the event of an accidental fall in a swimming pool so they are not fearful in the event it happens.  You need to teach children to appreciate the pool and not fear it. However, that satisfaction can only take place when you are right by their side.


Talk directly to children about pool safety and security.  Let them recognize how much fun being in or around a swimming pool can be, however that can additionally be a threat to them.  Show children how deep water can be and let them know they can not be around a pool without an adult. Wearing a life-saving device is also important for non-swimmers until lessons are given.  For example, if a child doesn't know how to swim, explain to them what would happen if they fall in. You may wish to avoid discussing death in the conversation, yet it is your decision to make.  Now is the time to educate youngsters or sign them up for swimming lessons.

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