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The Facts: Swimming and Covid 19



  • before swimming lesson, students will WASHUP

  • maintenance and disinfection of swimming equipment and swimming pool with chlorine should remove or inactivate the viruses causing Covid 19

  • swimming lessons students are staggered and seperated and not swimming together . Any coughing or sneezing will encourage the kids to cover their mouth or nose

SCREENINGS Those who failed any of the above will be asked kindly to return home to rest well. Coaches will also do self-evaluation of own health if unwell will call off the lessons. We do strongly advise for those having cough or flu do stay indoors and avoid the classes for the time being Temperatures Screenings Travel Histories Declaration Due to the 250 max capacity in the swimming complex at each time, we strongly encourage parents to bring the children out of the swimming complex after swim lessons have ended. A quick wash up is strongly recommended. We are also appealing to have 1 caregiver per family so that more children can be admitted to the swimming complex. We seek your kind understanding in this matter as Sport Sg is stepping up their measures for all of us. Thank you very much for your kind attention. Personal  Hygiene Wash and dry swim caps and goggles to prevent the growth of fungi Apply powder to swim caps The Facts: Swimming and Covid 19 “swimming does *more good than harm* for children during this period with the Coronavirus.” Dr. Leong Hoe Nam, Infectious Disease Specialist 1. *Vitamin D* (sunlight) absorbed days before has been proven to help prevent catching the virus (doesn't help if you're already infected)  2. You need to be in contact with the infected person for around 30 minutes or have the person cough or sneeze on you to get a chance of being infected  3. *Water 'kills' this virus* (with or without soap)  4. Especially pool water with *Chlorine* which makes swimming one of the best exercises to do right now.


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