When Swimming Pool Reopen Singapore | Swimming with Covid19

Do Note This publication is only the website's personal opinion of projection of swimming pool reopening and not deem as legislations.

There are a few criteria to be met to let the pool open at possibly the end of June and early July. The number of infections in the community must be kept low at June 2 to June 15. Should the numbers of cases remain low and steady, we could possibly get to phase 2. However if the numbers of cases increases and spiral out of control, phase 1 might be extended for a longer period of time.

It's possible the maximum numbers of 5 restricted to us, which could cap the numbers of students and we beg the swimmers and parents patience for any changes to lesson plans or schedules. Meanwhile, we will still be doing zoom online swimming lessons every Saturday 1130am https://www.swimmingcourses.sg/swim-zoom .

This will be a new norm and for the sake of everyone in Singapore we encourage people to follow physical distancing and enhanced hygenie practices during swimming lessons. We know that some parents are concerns about when lessons will starts, meanwhile do check on website https://www.swimmingcourses.sg.

We will be implementing swimming practices changes to ensure safety inside the pool. Providing answers or suggestions where the new norms can be. Timings of swimming lessons might change to ensure strict social distancing protocols to keep everyone safe.

Social distancing is here to stay. 2 meter away from each people.