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Swimming Entrance Active SG + Plus vs Active SG Mobile App Payment

Active SG has been a go-to for fitness enthusiasts in Singapore, providing an accessible and convenient way to book facilities and sign up for programs. With the roll-out of Active SG + Plus $10 initiative and different platforms such as the Active SG mobile app, it's become even easier to stay fit and active. However, the payment process can sometimes be confusing for users. In this article, we will compare Active SG Plus and the Active SG Mobile App in terms of payment, and walk you through the payment steps for Active SG entrances.

What is Active SG + Plus?

Active SG Plus is a recent initiative designed to encourage greater participation in sports and recreational activities. To facilitate this, Active SG Plus provides a $10 credit to members, which they can use to offset payment for bookings and programs. This credit is part of the government's effort to promote a healthier lifestyle among residents.

How to Claim Your Active SG + Plus $10 Credit

To claim your credit, you'll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Active SG account via the website or mobile app.

  2. Navigate to the 'Facilities' tab and select the facility you want to book.

  3. Choose the date and time slot for your booking.

  4. When you proceed to payment, the $10 credit will be automatically applied to your transaction if it's available on your account.

Active SG Mobile App Payment

The Active SG Mobile App is a user-friendly platform that allows you to manage your bookings on the go. It's an all-in-one solution where you can also track your attendance, view upcoming events, and make payments quickly and securely.

Payment Steps on the Active SG Mobile App

Here's how to make a payment for your Active SG entrances using the mobile app:

  1. Download and install the Active SG Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  2. Register or log in using your SingPass.

  3. Navigate to the 'Book Facility' or 'Programme Registration' section.

  4. Select your desired facility or program and choose the date and time.

  5. Review your selection and tap on 'Proceed to Payment'.

  6. If you have an Active SG Plus $10 credit, it should reflect in the payment summary.

  7. Complete the payment using your preferred method (e.g., credit/debit card, eWallet).

Comparing Active SG + Plus and Active SG Mobile App Payments

When it comes to making payments, both Active SG + Plus and the Active SG Mobile App offer distinct advantages. Active SG Plus provides the added benefit of a $10 credit, which can be a substantial saving for regular users. On the other hand, the Active SG Mobile App streamlines the entire booking and payment process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

Ease of Use

Both platforms are designed to be user-friendly, but the Active SG Mobile App may have a slight edge due to its mobility and accessibility. Payments can be made anytime and anywhere, right from your smartphone.


Active SG Plus is accessible through the website and mobile app, while payments through the Active SG Mobile App are, as the name suggests, only available via the app. This means for those without access to a smartphone, Active SG Plus via the website might be more accessible.

Payment Options

The payment options for both platforms are generally the same, with support for most credit/debit cards and eWallet services. However, the Active SG Mobile App may offer a more streamlined payment process, with saved payment methods for faster checkout.

Discounts and Credits

Active SG Plus is unique in that it offers a $10 credit, which is a direct discount on your bookings. This credit is automatically applied to your eligible transactions, making it a budget-friendly option for users.

Maximizing Your Active SG Credits

To make the most out of your Active SG experience, it's essential to understand how to effectively use your credits and choose the right payment platform for your needs.

Active SG Plus $10 Credit Tips

  • Make sure to check your Active SG account regularly to see if you have credits available.

  • Use your credits before they expire, as they have a validity period.

  • Plan your bookings around the credits to maximize savings.

Advantages of Using the Active SG Mobile App

  • The convenience of booking and paying on-the-go.

  • Easy access to facility availability and program schedules.

  • Quick payment process with saved payment methods.

Important Notices Message to Customer (Payment to Sites and Mobile Apps) Updated as of 2 July) Applied to 15 August.

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to Active SG Credit Freeze.

We encourage you to purchase your passes through the ActiveSG mobile app or website at from now until August 15. This will ensure smoother and more convenient entry experiences. A user guide is provided below to assist you with the process.

Please download your passes and share them with your caretaker to facilitate easier access. After August 15, we will transition to a new system for purchasing passes.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Do note that the user guide is done with Swim Masters staffs and not Active SG.

Best regards,

AlvinSwim Masters Administration

Purchasing and Payment Process for ActiveSG and Merchant Pages
Download PDF • 1.41MB

Download PDF • 710KB

Troubleshooting Payment Issues

Occasionally, you may encounter issues when trying to make a payment on either platform. Here are some common problems and how to resolve them:

Payment Not Going Through

  • Check your internet connection to ensure you have a stable connection.

  • Verify that your payment details are correct and up to date.

  • Ensure that your credit/debit card has not expired and has sufficient funds.

Credit Not Applied to Your Booking

  • Confirm that the Active SG + Plus $10 credit is available in your account.

  • Ensure that your booking is eligible for credit application.

  • Contact Active SG customer support if the issue persists.


Whether you choose to use Active SG Plus or the Active SG Mobile App for your payments, both platforms offer unique benefits that cater to different needs. Active SG Plus provides a helpful $10 credit, while the mobile app offers convenience and efficiency. By understanding the payment steps and how to utilize the platforms effectively, you can enjoy a seamless and cost-effective Active SG experience.

Remember to stay active, utilize your credits wisely, and embrace the ease of technology to enhance your fitness journey. With Active SG Plus and the Active SG Mobile App, you're just a few taps away from your next workout or sports activity.


  • Active SG + Plus and the Active SG Mobile App offer different benefits for making payments.

  • Claim your Active SG + Plus $10 credit and use it before it expires.

  • The Active SG Mobile App provides a convenient and efficient payment process.

  • Troubleshoot any payment issues promptly to ensure a smooth transaction.

  • Make the most of your Active SG experience by staying informed and utilizing the available resources.

By keeping these points in mind, you can confidently navigate the payment processes of Active SG + Plus and the Active SG Mobile App, ensuring that you get the most out of your active lifestyle in Singapore.

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