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Splish, Splash, Swim: Discovering the Joys of Bukit Panjang Swimming Lessons

Learning to swim is an important life skill. It is something that can help open up the world to you and get you more comfortable in the water.

Unfortunately, more than half of the people across the world do not know how to swim.

If you are reading this, you likely want to learn to swim. Well, the first thing you should do is take Bukit Panjang swimming lessons in a swimming pool with a swimming instructor.

Why should you take a Singapore swimming class at the Senja Cashew CC swimming pool? What are the biggest benefits that you can get out of Singapore swimming lessons?

Here are some of the biggest reasons to do it.

Improving Lung Health

Believe it or not, if you learn to swim, there is a good chance that your lung health can improve. That is because enough exposure to water even in a swimming pool can help expand your lungs.

This study shows that people that swam for enough time had a 4% increase in lung volume. In other words, swimming does have the ability to improve your lung capacity.

For those that are looking to breathe better or those that want their kids to breathe better, Singapore swimming lessons can be a good start to do that.

More Water Activities

Another reason why you should take a Singapore swimming class is because it can help open doors to all sorts of water activities. Being so far out in the water makes it a requirement to be able to swim for some of these.

That includes but is not limited to kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, jet skis, surfing, paddle boarding, and more. All of these activities are likely ones that you would do in a bigger body of water such as a lake or an ocean.

Not all of those environments are forgiving. So, as a safety precaution, it is best to learn how to swim before you take part in those activities.

Sometimes, this may not be a choice. For example, you cannot get your PADI certification for scuba diving without being able to hold yourself above water. Also, competitive teams that you may find in sports like kayaking may not let you join if you do not know how to swim.

Even if you do not see the point in learning to swim at first, think about all of the other water activities that open up for you or your kids if you learn to swim.

Overcome Fear of the Water

It is not uncommon for children or adults to have a fear of the water.

Think about it. Water takes up more than half of our planet. There are still parts of the ocean that are so deep that humans cannot safely dive down there.

All of the above can justifiably make someone a little nervous to step into a big body of water. If you or your kid are that person, you can help overcome this fear by learning how to swim.

Knowing how to swim can make you feel more comfortable in bigger bodies of water or deeper water. That is because you will have some skills on how to swim away from certain areas or just casually explore those areas.

Starting in a swimming pool with a swimming instructor is a great place to begin because it is a controlled body of water with an experienced swimmer watching over you. So, you can get a little more comfortable in this area before moving on to something bigger like the ocean.

Explore More of Our Planet

As discussed above, water makes up a good percentage of our planet. If you let your inability to swim stop you from going into any large bodies of water, you could be missing out on discovering more than half of our planet.

Scuba diving is a perfect example of this. It is something that you can only do if you know how to swim and you can only do it by going under large bodies of water such as the ocean.

Because of this, it is almost like an exclusive club for those that have the skills to swim down there. You can discover beautiful views of the ocean along with all of the sea animals that live down there.

Good Life Lessons

Finally, some good life lessons can be taken away from swimming. Like a lot of tasks, there are going to be things that are easy about it and then there are going to be more difficult things.

There may come a point where you have to learn a new stroke that does not come naturally to you. Or, there may be a time that you are going to have to swim for a consecutive distance you never thought you were capable of.

The life lesson here is that you have to have persistence and determination to finish these tasks.

Take Bukit Panjang Swimming Lessons

These are just some of the benefits that you or your child can get if you take Bukit Panjang swimming lessons. There are life lessons to be learned such as persistence and determination.

Also, you could open up your world a lot more by being able to take part in more water activities. Then, you can use more extreme water activities such as scuba diving to access more of our world.

Do you want to take Bukit Panjang swimming lessons? Click here to find out about our swimming lessons at Senja Cashew CC swimming pool.


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